Codified is able to provide seconded legal personnel as and when your company needs it. We have varying levels of expertise available to suit your business needs. The team provides flexible legal support adapting to how long your business requires the services.

When you might need this service.

We can offer a legal secondee to solve any number of issues that might arise within your business. Examples of where our services can be utilised include:

  • To cover a leave of absence, such as parental leave.
  • To plug a knowledge gap.
  • Support with special projects requiring our legal expertise.
  • Providing an increase in head count for a limited period where hiring someone new would be costly and time consuming.

Our flexible approach

We are able to offer secondee services on a fixed or flexible basis. For example, some clients choose to have a part-time resource over a few months, others need a full time equivalent for a longer period.

In addition, we are able to provide additional support and resources from our bank of senior lawyers, meaning we can also help you cope with a sudden increase in workload. This means you can ramp up the amount of work you need to cover at very short notice but with the knowledge that you’re getting the same quality and consistency of output.

You can choose who manages the seconded lawyer. Either we do it to help relieve some of the strain on you or you can manage them for a more integrated approach. Whatever happens, you get a bespoke, high-level service without the hassle or fixed costs of hiring someone new.

We are flexible on duration, most projects last three to nine months, and within these periods there are short term notice periods to end the arrangement if your business needs change.

Our Seconded Lawyers

We have a number of different legal consultants available with different areas of expertise to match your business needs.

Our lawyers are able to work independently within your legal team meaning you’ll get the right balance between someone who can interact directly with your business and clients without spending valuable time managing external resource.


We have a tried and tested reporting approach which allows you to manage the time incurred on the secondment and also cross-charge where necessary. This is a lighter and more business focussed approach compared to hourly-rate billing. However, we regularly work within client reporting styles and frameworks, and also report directly on client systems where appropriate.


Depending on the level of expertise you require the price is likely to vary. Similarly, the length of the consultancy period and complexity of the issue that requires solving will also have to be taken into account. Typically these projects involve a discount on our standard hourly rates to take account of client commitment and volume of work.