Working with other law firms

We work with other law firms who do not have a specialist technology teams by providing them access to senior and market leading expertise. We can also augment existing resources for firms that have an existing team that needs more support. We are also experienced in providing support in technology or data due diligence as part of M&A transactions.

Our help can enable other firms to allow their lawyers to concentrate on areas of work they are best at and plug gaps that could lead to clients looking elsewhere for advice.

We always respect the instructing firm’s relationship with the end client and we never act for a client sub-contracted to us without express consent.

Where work is sub-contracted to us we would put in place an engagement letter covering the overall arrangements between the instructing firm and Codified. We carry out our own conflict checks on any instructed matters and discuss any potential conflicts with the instructing firm. It is the instructing firm’s responsibility to deal with all end client communications.

We try and price our work so that the instructing firm is able to retain a margin on the work we carry out. We are also very happy to work on a fixed price basis where the scope of work is known and within our control.