Contracting Platform

Codified Legal partners with a service provider that offers an online contracting platform, designed to take some of the complexity out of the contracting process, and put the power back into the hands of the business and deal teams.


The contracting platform we use is provided by our friends at Clausify. Once clients are signed up to the platform, Codified Legal can help tailor standard contracts to be used on the platform and close projects using the platform or hand over to your team to work independently.

Clausify includes features such as tracked-changes and comments but with the addition of a standardised format, item-level version history and automated version control. The advanced features include automated clause population based on user input, one-click view of definitions and clause references, the ability to sign online, “To Do” lists, and document management, which make the solution useful for contract execution and management.

For more information about this contracting platform, please contact Stephen Ollerenshaw or click here.