How We Work

In addition to providing legal advice in the traditional manner, we have developed several alternative ways to help our clients with their legal issues. Our aim is to understand the client objectives and offer a solution that is a best fit for the client rather than impose our preferences.


We are very comfortable working as a traditional law firm, either on an hourly rate basis or, where the scope of our work is understood, on a fixed price basis. We agree the scope of our work with you as part of our engagement processes and we always keep you informed on costs and ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to billing. We also like to think that we are trusted advisers and that means that if you want a quick chat about something you are not sure about, it doesn’t go on the clock.



Codified is able to provide seconded legal personnel as and when your company needs it. We have varying levels of expertise available to suit your business needs. The team provides flexible legal support adapting to how long your business requires the services.


Working with other law firms

As well as working directly with our clients we sometimes work with other law firms who need specialist technology, outsourcing or data protection expertise. This can be on a referral or sub-contracted basis.

AI Assurance

We have developed an AI legal assurance tool to help clients review their current and proposed AI systems against current and proposed regulations, intellectual property impact and data privacy issues.

Contracting Platform

Codified Legal partners with a service provider that offers an online contracting platform, designed to take some of the complexity out of the contracting process, and put the power back into the hands of the business and deal teams.